Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR)

Trap-Neuter-Release, or TNR. TNR is provided when we care for any local colony of community cats. After a cat or kitten is trapped, they are given a complete examination by a veterinarian, which includes spaying and neutering, vaccinating against rabies and distemper, and testing for feline aids and leukemia. Cats that are not friendly with people are returned to their respective areas where they are monitored, provided shelter, and fed daily.  Friendly, healthy cats and kittens are never released. They are held in foster care until a permanent home becomes available.

Care About The Strays dba Cats for Adoption, is an all volunteer, non-profit (501c3) organization working in Rockland County, New York and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to the care and control of feral and abandoned house cats who live primarily outdoors. If these cats were not managed, they would reproduce at an alarming rate. We do not believe in using euthanasia unless extreme circumstances arise when it comes to the health and welfare of one of our cats. Feeding hundreds of cats on a monthly basis, time is additionally devoted to save those cats who have been injured, pregnant, or nursing kittens.